Hi! I'm Christi Lazar, aka BazaarLazarr! Welcome to my site!

A couple of notes about the name BazaarLazarr: 

  1. Cooking and eating are a complete sensory experience. For me, the best word to describe that was a Bazaar. 
  2. Yes, my last name is really spelled Lazar, but you could say I have a mild obsession with symmetry. Adding the extra "r" gave Bazaar and Lazarr the same amount of letters. 
  3. It also creates the initials "BL"... a small nod to my dad, the one-and-only Bob Lazar. 

I try to create a balance between healthy eating and the decadence we love. My food is usually healthy, generally paleo-ish, and sometimes Whole30! 

I'm a Digital Marketing exec by trade, and home cook in my spare time. I'm also the Beef, Pork, and Meatball Feed editor @TheFeedFeed

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